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Night bathing Night bathing Night bathing in Gyopárosfürdő until midnight on saturdays. Fishing lakes Fishing lakes Békés county offers plenty of fishing possibilities, ideal place for fans of fishing. Gyopáros Bathing Experience Gyopáros Bathing Experience Fun and entertainment provided by the adventure pools at Gyopáros. Békéscsaba Békéscsaba Békéscsaba, the chief town of Békés county is situated within half an hour drive from Orosháza, on the main road no.47. Hand weavery – workshop owned by Hudák family Hand weavery – workshop owned by Hudák family Hand weavery – workshop owned by Hudák family White Lake at Kardoskút White Lake at Kardoskút White Lake at Kardoskút is a must-see for visitors spending their holiday at Orosháza or its surroundings. Walking in Orosháza downtown Walking in Orosháza downtown We can get to know a town really well only by having a pleasant walk in its downtown area. Bowling Bowling Bowling fans can pursue their hobby at Gyopár Sports Center. Renewed main square Renewed main square The Main City Square of the city Orosháza, renewed in 2013. Museum presenting water history Museum presenting water history The only well museum in the country can be found here, as well as a related exhibition presenting water history. Arad Arad Arad is situated at a distance of 75 km from Orosháza. Travelling by car it is a distance that can be covered in an hour and a half. Hódmezővásárhely Hódmezővásárhely Hódmezővásárhely is situated in the South Eastern part of the Hungary, in the region of the Great Plain, Csongrád county. Market - Orosháza Market - Orosháza When you are in Orosháza, do as the locals do During a holiday in Orosháza it is worth visiting the local market. Horse riding Horse riding From different point of views Orosháza can be considered as centre of horse life in the Southern Great Plain region. Panoráma lookout tower Panoráma lookout tower The Panoráma lookout tower is one of the attractions of Orosháza and Gyopárosfürdő. Glass Wild Pear Tree Glass Wild Pear Tree Glass Wild Pear Tree at the Main Square of Orosháza town Paintball Paintball Paintball is the perfect solution both for relaxation and for team building. Cheese manufacturing workshop at Orosháza Cheese manufacturing workshop at Orosháza Workshop of a local cheese manufacturer, how is real home-made cheese produced Gyula Gyula The almost 800-year old Gyula town is located in the south-eastern region of Hungary, in the gate of Transylvania, at a distance of 60 km from Orosháza. Tótkomlós Tótkomlós Tótkomlós is situated about 15 km to south of Orosháza. Due to its easy accessibility tourist can get to this destination even on bicycle. Excursions for classes, summer camps at Gyopárosfürdő Excursions for classes, summer camps at Gyopárosfürdő Excursions, summer camp at Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő Tennis, Squash Tennis, Squash You do not have to leave your rackets at home during your holiday at Orosháza. Gellértegyháza Historical Park Gellértegyháza Historical Park Gellértegyháza Historical Park, Orosháza Mezőhegyes Mezőhegyes Mezőhegyes is a town situated in Békés county, in the Southern Great Plain region of south-east Hungary. Historical Memorial Park Historical Memorial Park In the square in front of the Táncsics Secondary School, there is a Historical Memorial Park, the work of Tibor Szervátiusz. Szeged Szeged Szeged is the perfect destination for a one or two day trip from Orosháza. The city is known as the home of paprika, salami, goulash and fish soup. Szarvas Szarvas Szarvas is situated next to the main Road 44 from Kecskemét to Békéscsaba, just a few kilometres from the border of Békés county. Wellness and treat Wellness and treat The pampering services offered by Gyopáros feel like a romantic touch. Night life in Orosháza Night life in Orosháza We can not compare local night life with big cities because it is apples and oranges. However, the town springs to life on Friday and Saturday evenings. Sculpture tour in Orosháza Sculpture tour in Orosháza Let’s start our sightseeing tour at Vilmos Győri square, where we can see the statue of Saint Stephen,the first Hungarian King’s statue. Tatársánc Tatársánc The native grassland near the village Pusztaföldvár can offer exciting things to see not only for those who are interested in the historical. Kardoskút Kardoskút The village Kardoskút, with 900 inhabitants, is situated just 10-15 minutes drive way from Orosháza downtown. József Darvas memorial house József Darvas memorial house One of the most contradictory personalities in the history of Orosháza during the past century was József Darvas, writer and politician born in Orosháza. Churches in Orosháza Churches in Orosháza The only monument of the town is the Lutheran Church constructed in late baroque style. Bicycle Tour Bicycle Tour Although most cyclists prefer the hills and mountains, hereby we would like to promote cycling on flat ground. Ópusztaszeri Memorial Park Ópusztaszeri Memorial Park Ópusztaszer Memorial Park Jogging around the lake Jogging around the lake Jogging in the nature is always pleasant be it in the winter or the summer. Csorvás Csorvás Csorvás is a small town with a population of 5 000 inhabitants. It is situated 15 km from Orosháza, by the main road nr: 47. Szabadkígyós Szabadkígyós Szabadkígyós is a small village with a population of 3 000, situated south of Békéscsaba. Birthday party at Gyopárosfürdő Birthday party at Gyopárosfürdő Birthday party at Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő Starry night Starry night Békés county is a genuine lowland area, with the unique atmosphere of puszta (vast area of plains), offering the experience of starry night seen in the films. Gyula Nagy Regional Museum Gyula Nagy Regional Museum We highly recommend that visitors should visit the place. Hunting Hunting Wildlife management ares in Békés county amount 500 000 hectares. Most of this territory falls under the authority of Orosháza. Bathing in Gyopárosfürdő Bathing in Gyopárosfürdő Sport enthusiasts can have fun in the 50 meter swimming pool or learners’ pool. The lowland Puszta in Winter The lowland Puszta in Winter The lowland Puszta attracts visitors not only during the hot summer months with temperatures reaching 34-36°C, but in winter time as well. Town Art Gallery Town Art Gallery While at Orosháza for art loving visitors Town Art Gallery is an important stop during their journey. Traditional Slovak farm Traditional Slovak farm This is the way Slovak minority lived in Békés county