for families

1Gyopáros Bathing ExperienceFun and entertainment provided by the adventure pools at Gyopáros.2Bathing in GyopárosfürdőSport enthusiasts can have fun in the 50 meter swimming pool or learners’ pool.3Night bathingNight bathing in Gyopárosfürdő until midnight on saturdays.4Fishing lakesBékés county offers plenty of fishing possibilities, ideal place for fans of fishing.5Horse ridingFrom different point of views Orosháza can be considered as centre of horse life in the Southern Great Plain region.6Walking in Orosháza downtownWe can get to know a town really well only by having a pleasant walk in its downtown area.7Market - OrosházaWhen you are in Orosháza, do as the locals do During a holiday in Orosháza it is worth visiting the local market.8Panoráma lookout towerThe Panoráma lookout tower is one of the attractions of Orosháza and Gyopárosfürdő.9Historical Memorial ParkIn the square in front of the Táncsics Secondary School, there is a Historical Memorial Park, the work of Tibor Szervátiusz.10White Lake at KardoskútWhite Lake at Kardoskút is a must-see for visitors spending their holiday at Orosháza or its surroundings.11Cheese manufacturing workshop at OrosházaWorkshop of a local cheese manufacturer, how is real home-made cheese produced12Glass Wild Pear TreeGlass Wild Pear Tree at the Main Square of Orosháza town
Where kids surely will not get bored

Orosháza is a quiet and child-friendly small town, where all conditions are provided for a happy family day.

Children easily get bored, it is difficult to keep their interest for a longer time. Well, Orosháza offers a wide range of possibilities to entertain children of any age be it younger or elder.

Családi program Orosházán
Let’s start with Gyopárosfürdő: both adventure pools, outdoor pools and park respect the demands of a families arriving with children. There are a lot of functions that are aimed to children mainly, offering entertainment for the whole family. Kids’ favourite programmes are boating or water cycling on Gyopáros Lake.

Visitors arriving by car should fit in their schedule a trip to Kardoskút, Fehértó (White Lake), which is a nature conservation area. The beauty of the landscape, the unbroken horizon, the mosaics of extensively cultivated lands and grasslands, the natural values of the region all worth a trip. Tourists can visit the stocks of Hungarian grey cattle, racka and cigaja sheep owned by the Körös-Maros National Park at its Fehértó unit at Kardoskút, namely at the Sóstó establishment.

The town offers a number of playgrounds throughout the town for your child’s enjoyment and meet the European regulations: they are safe and made of environment friendly materials and provide children with an exciting environment, stimulating their mind. The Malta playground is guarded, offers happy hours for children.

Although there is no separate playhouse for children, the local Culture Center regularly offers programmes and theatrical plays for children. Not to mention the summer festivals and concerts dedicated for children.

Holidays with babies and toddlers need not be stressful. You can take babies or young children for a holiday at Orosháza as all accomodations are prepared for their special needs, while most restaurants provide feeding chair and easy access for baby buggies. This is also valid for the down-town: streets, institutions and shops are all easily accessible for baby buggies.

The notion family does not necessarily mean only mother-father-children: three-generation families are also welcome at Gyopárosfürdő and Orosháza: thermal bath is mainly recommended for the elder generation, but active forms of pastime are provided as well such as: bathing, walk in the park or in the town, sport facilities and cultural programmes. All in all members of each generation will find the proper pastime during a holiday here.