Historical Memorial Park

Although the Historical Memorial Park raised serious arguments for and against, nowadays it is part of local life, it became a sight to visit, the place of various celebrations.

It is the work of Tibor Szervátius built to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the foundation of the town. In the center of the statue park is placed the “Gate of sorrow” and a crying woman figure. All around, in the park, in chronological order, the crucial episodes of the Hungarian history are symbolized by rustic, unformed blocks of stone, the important dates of the Hungarian and local history are carved in. The years that are major milestones are 1848, 1920, 1944, 1956 and 1991.

The park is a pleasant place for walking, relaxing either in winter or in summer time. It is worth visiting!

Historical Memorial Park: Pictures

Historical Memorial Park on map