for youngsters

Spinning around day and night

Orosháza is not the place where you can spend the whole day sitting around with your feet up, watching TV or the computer screen or your tablet: fortunately there are plenty of programmes, especially at the weekends.

First of all there is the adventure bath at Gyopáros, during the high season the huge park and spa with outdoor pools. You should try the night time bathing – on specific days of the week the adventure bath is open till late night – and of course the various programmes and parties, too.

The town offers a wide range of places worth visiting both during the day and in the evenings starting from coffes to pubs.

If it is party time, you have a lot of options. One of the most popular places among local youngsters is Bla-Bla in Táncsics street. The place istelf used tor un under different names during the past years. Under the name Katlan it used to be a popular party zone for generations of youngsters. Pop groups of Sziget-generation used to give concerts here week after week. Such groups were: Pál Utcai Fiúktól or Másfél.

Nowadays the place serves the electronic pop music, with DH-s starting from DJ Andró to Attila Bárány or DJ Sterbinszky. The place is visited by thousands of youngsters during the weekends, though it provides amusement in a cultured and safe surrounding.

Fans of live music should visit  Anno pub instead, where mainly rock and blues bands play usually. Another popular place is Koccintó pub, which gives place to music of different style.

It is useful to follow the programmes offered by Petőfi Cultural Center. We can come across great concerts, local festivals with popular national and international pop stars.

If you are attracted by extreme sports, you can practise them as bmx has long standing traditions in the town, as well as skate boarding – teens can be seen practising in the streets day by day. And you wish to try out paintball with your friends, no problem! Just drop an e-mail or a phone call and book a date.

Furthermore we highly reccomend the surrounding bigger towns, such as: Szeged, Békéscsaba és Gyula. Each of them offers a wide range of pubs and bars, places of amusement. The Center Cinema in Békéscsaba keeping up with the latest films.