Night bathing

If there is any a romantic experience in the hasty world of today, bathing at night certainly is.

Night bathingThe atmosphere of a summer night at Gyopárosfürdő mixed with the spa experience is available every weekend, guaranteeing an experience unlike any other for everyone who are ready to visit the spa complex after sunset, together with their sweethearts or friends.

The starry skies, the soft summer night breeze, leaving a tender touch on their shoulders, awakening romantic feelings as well as an intimate emotion of Nature’s presence – an experience shared by everyone who has already dipped in the pool on a warm summer night, while staring at the starry skies beyond the softly glittering lights of the skyline. This is the time when emotions become more intense, refreshing our souls as well as our bodies.

Saturday Night Spa Adventure

You can have a night-time spa adventure on Saturday nights, when the outdoor adventure pools and the sauna park are open until 24:00. The thermal bath is closed after 8 pm on Saturdays. If you bought a daily ticket, you do not have to buy a separate ticket, you enjoy the redeemed service until saturday midnight!

See our office hours’ page for further details.

Sauna seances

Some weekend nights are made even more memorable with sauna sessions at the renewed sauna park of Gyopárosfürdő – you can find further information on the exact dates and times at the sauna seances pages.

Gyopárosfürdő panorama
Take a tour of the Gyopárosfürdő spa using 360° panoramic pictures.

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