Three in one: provincial town, industrial centre and tourist paradise.

Orosháza is a multi-coloured town, it disposes of a healthy mixture of lowland provincial town, a 20th century industrial centre and an up-to-date tourist destination.


In order to have a better understanding we need a bit of historical review: two and a half centuries ago Transdanubian protestant inhabitants were offered place of refuge here by the landlord of the time. They made a good use of the place and turned it into a prosperous agricultural town, people achieved middle-class status.

During the years after the Second World War – based on the natural gas found in the neighbouring areas – a process of industrialization started. In the course of this process was founded the local glass factory, another company called Mezőgép – now of Canadian property and running under the name of Linamar Hungary – producer of agricultural machines and other factories with activity in the sector of heavy-industry.

As a result of these changes not only the aspect of the town was modified, but its composition as well. Orosháza became of significant importance in the field of economy, as well as in the respect of the local cultural and social life.

Nowadays we can speak about a fully developed town with infrastructure by the main road nr. 47. Beside the existing primary and secondary schools it offers possibility for higher education, too. The health service is comprehensive with a modern hospital and polyclinics. There is a wide range of shopping opportunities as most of the main chains have a branch here. This is true for service sector, including banks, restaurants and beauty services.

The majority of the thirty thousand inhabitants is Evangelical, but there is a significant number of Catholics and Calvinists. The non-historical religions are also present. The main social problem hits this place too: less and less youngsters stay in the town. Most of them go to the capital, to the Transdanubia or abroad. On the other hand we can notice a new tendency as well: more and more youngsters return and use their knowledge, capital and expertise in the prosperity of the town.

Pictures of Orosháza