by car

1BékéscsabaBékéscsaba, the chief town of Békés county is situated within half an hour drive from Orosháza, on the main road no.47.2CsorvásCsorvás is a small town with a population of 5 000 inhabitants. It is situated 15 km from Orosháza, by the main road nr: 47.3KardoskútThe village Kardoskút, with 900 inhabitants, is situated just 10-15 minutes drive way from Orosháza downtown.4SzabadkígyósSzabadkígyós is a small village with a population of 3 000, situated south of Békéscsaba.5GyulaThe almost 800-year old Gyula town is located in the south-eastern region of Hungary, in the gate of Transylvania, at a distance of 60 km from Orosháza.6SzarvasSzarvas is situated next to the main Road 44 from Kecskemét to Békéscsaba, just a few kilometres from the border of Békés county. 7MezőhegyesMezőhegyes is a town situated in Békés county, in the Southern Great Plain region of south-east Hungary.8TótkomlósTótkomlós is situated about 15 km to south of Orosháza. Due to its easy accessibility tourist can get to this destination even on bicycle.9HódmezővásárhelyHódmezővásárhely is situated in the South Eastern part of the Hungary, in the region of the Great Plain, Csongrád county.10SzegedSzeged is the perfect destination for a one or two day trip from Orosháza. The city is known as the home of paprika, salami, goulash and fish soup.11AradArad is situated at a distance of 75 km from Orosháza. Travelling by car it is a distance that can be covered in an hour and a half.12White Lake at KardoskútWhite Lake at Kardoskút is a must-see for visitors spending their holiday at Orosháza or its surroundings.13TatársáncThe native grassland near the village Pusztaföldvár can offer exciting things to see not only for those who are interested in the historical.14Ópusztaszeri Memorial ParkÓpusztaszer Memorial Park
If you arrive on four wheels …

Orosháza and Gyopárosfürdő are ideal destinations for a drive holiday as they offer both conditions that are important for visitors arriving by car: safe garages and high mobility in this way.

What is more cars are not only safe, but parking or guards is free as all accommodation places offer free, guarded parking places. On top of that parking is free all over the town. Right at the entrance of the spa parking is payable, but a few hundred meters further free and safe parking places are provided for visitors.

As the 50-60 km area of Orosháza offers some sights worth seeing, going by car is the most convenient way for discovering them during one day trips. We come across attractive tourist sights any direction we go. Let’s start with the well known town Szeged situated to the south from Orhosháza. Besides its famous cultural and architectural values, the performances in the open-air theatre provide unforgettable experiences for visitors. One of the best zoos in the country is the Szeged wildlife park. As for gastronomy: the local fish soup is a must try.

If we start on the north, we will get to Szarvas. It is famous for its Arboretum, water stage and other heritages. We can also watch the Memorial raised for the geometrical centre of the territory of the historical Hungary, existed before the Treaty of Trianon. Gourmets will find Szarvas an ideal destination as the restaurants follow the traditions of both Hungarian and Slovak cuisine.

If we take it to the east we reach two towns: Békéscsabára and Gyulára. Both towns are attractive as the renovated downtown of Békéscsaba has a European atmosphere, the Jókai Theatre offers great performances, and here is the only cinema of the county, which reaches the level of other cinemas in the country. One thing we should not forget: this is the land of sausages, it is worth the effort finding the best resources of home made sausages.

Gyula does not need any introduction as its castle and spa is worldwide famous, not to mention Dürer and Erkel, whose memories are preserved in a professional way in this town.