in winter

Awaiting you here at orosháza-gyopáros for a winter holiday

Although the beautiful green parks of Gyopárosfürdő lose their foliage for winter time, it is still worth coming.

The thermal spa as well as the adventure complexity is open all year round, that means visitors can come here for winter programmes during Christmas time or New Year’s Eve.

Although Lowland does not offer any skiing facilities, visitors can find a wide variety of pastimes at orosháza and its surroundings. The beauty of winter puszta (=Hungarian plain) inspired a lot of poets proving how beautiful the endless white landscape can be. A walk in the park is great. When it freezes over, a highway of brilliant ice invites the whole family for ice skating, hockey, or plain sliding. And even when the air vibrates with joy and laughter, visitors can sense the peace and serenity of the surroundings.

The spa itself is a unique experience in winter. We can go to saunas to warm up. For many people winter time means sauna time. Minus degrees outside, depressingly short days, general proclivity to stay home instead of going out in the blistering cold. The best tip to get warm throughout the next couple of months is sauna. Melt away the stress in a hot sauna. Besides being relaxing, sauna is detoxificating, regenerating, sterilizing and boosts the immune system. It is highly recommended in winter time.

To make our comfort perfect: free wifi internet access is available all over the spa. In this way using the mobiles, tablets or laptops visitors can surf the net any time, handle their things or share with friends the latest experiences about a pleasant wellness therapy.

The fitness clubs all over the town are open. Beside body building visitors can take a rest in one of the restaurants or bars. Museums and other cultural institutions offer a wide range of programmes just like during the high season. Visitors can enjoy concerts, theatre plays, performances of children studying at the local art school. This is the perfect place to chill out!