Sauna seances

Sauna seances have quickly gained popularity at Gyopárosfürdő. This kind of pass-time is healthy and entertaining in the same time.

The difference between traditional sauna and sauna seances lies in the fact that seances are guided by a qualified sauna master. He takes care of the proper heat and ventilation, pours aromatic oils over the stove and makes good atmosphere.

The duration of each session is about 15 minutes, but of course guests can leave earlier if they want to.

Current offer of seances

13 July 2024. (saturday) 19:00, 20:00, 21:00
20 July 2024. (saturday) 19:00, 20:00, 21:00
27 July 2024. (saturday) 19:00, 20:00, 21:00

Things to know about sauna seances

Sauna seances are intensive sauna programmes, guided by sauna masters, with a limited duration of time. During the programme the sauna master pours different liquids on the stove for about three times a séance, airs the cabin and applies different ventilation techniques, thus influencing the temperature, humidity and sense of heat. Applying the proper essential oils or volatile substances the seance reaches a soothing, relaxing and healing effect. The sauna master stays in continuous and direct contact with the guests, provides skin-care ingredients and gives instructions for their correct application. The aim is to promote proper sauna culture.


Due to the limited capacity of sauna cabins, pre-registration is required at the sauna masters. Phone number: +36 68 512-260.
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Basic programmes

Sauna seance with essential oils

szeansz_illoThe sauna master spreads 100% pure essential oil mixed with water on the sauna stove. Hot air with aroma has positive effects upon the spirit, it is effective in the treatment or prevention of respiratory problems.

The application of different aromas can make seances special. This programme is mainly used for warming up, yet it is more intensive than the conventional way of taking sauna. Aromatic seances, apart from having a stress-relieving effect, improve the mood of the participating guests.

Sauna seance with fruits ad vitamins

Similarly to aromatic seances 100% pure essential oil is spread on the sauna stove. The sauna master circulates the hot air with pleasant scent in the cabin, such pampering the guests. At the end of the ceremony serves sliced, cold fruit and refreshing tea to the guests. These are, apart from being very refreshing, a real vitamin bomb for the body. Following a seance the absorption of vitamins and other minerals is especially effective.

Sauna seance with salt

szeansz_saltIt is one of our active skin-care programmes. Following a short pre-sweating, guests rub their vet skin with the refined salt, provided by the sauna master. Using sea salt as natural body scrub, guests can remove dead and swollen cells, thus the skin becomes renewed and firm. The application of salt scrub stimulates the sweat glands, thus toxins will be eliminated more efficiently. Salt contains high level of trace elements and vitamins, that penetrate easily through the wide pores. This kind of seance is highly effective, if combined with honey seance. The skin will become firmer, renewed, while cellulite will be reduced.

Sauna seance with beer

A very popular programme with men, though the applied beer does not end in their belly, but evaporates in the hot air, filling the cabin with the pleasant scent of beer. The sauna master spreads beer mixed with water on the stove, thus making malt and barley aroma filling the air. While the hot air is circulating, it feels as hot as the “desert wind”. Through the haze of beer vitamin B is easily absorbed by the open pores.

Sauna seance with honey

szeansz_mezSimilarly to seances with salt, after a short pre-sweating guests scrub their vet skin with honey, provided by the sauna master. The honey – now liquefied by the heat – is spread on the skin and gets quickly absorbed through the pores. Honey stimulates metabolism of the skin, nourishes and soothes the skin, it is also anti-bacterial and hydrating, reduces spots and smaller scars. By the end of seances guests will leave with smooth skin and a very pleasant smell of honey.

Russian seance

The sauna master pours a huge amount of cold water mixed with some kind of aroma, in this way producing extremely hot air. Using a sauna flag, the master ventilates the hot air around the guests. Participants can expect intensive sweating, shivering and heat-up.

Sauna seance with ice

szeansz_iceIt is a very popular programme. A very intensive heat can be reached by putting ice cubes on the stove. Apart from giving an amazing view, the ice cubes provided by the sauna master are good fun. The hot air stirred by the sauna master and the cold sweat running down on the back of the guests is a refreshing sensation. At the end of the seance guests leave with icy water poured on their neck. It is a really intensive experience of sauna.

Pictures about the renewed Gyopáros sauna park