1 week

1SzegedSzeged is the perfect destination for a one or two day trip from Orosháza. The city is known as the home of paprika, salami, goulash and fish soup.2AradArad is situated at a distance of 75 km from Orosháza. Travelling by car it is a distance that can be covered in an hour and a half.3Gyopáros Bathing ExperienceFun and entertainment provided by the adventure pools at Gyopáros.4Bathing in GyopárosfürdőSport enthusiasts can have fun in the 50 meter swimming pool or learners’ pool.5Wellness and treatThe pampering services offered by Gyopáros feel like a romantic touch.6Night bathingNight bathing in Gyopárosfürdő until midnight on saturdays.7Tennis, SquashYou do not have to leave your rackets at home during your holiday at Orosháza.8Walking in Orosháza downtownWe can get to know a town really well only by having a pleasant walk in its downtown area.9Market - OrosházaWhen you are in Orosháza, do as the locals do During a holiday in Orosháza it is worth visiting the local market.10Town Art GalleryWhile at Orosháza for art loving visitors Town Art Gallery is an important stop during their journey.11Historical Memorial ParkIn the square in front of the Táncsics Secondary School, there is a Historical Memorial Park, the work of Tibor Szervátiusz.12PaintballPaintball is the perfect solution both for relaxation and for team building.13Renewed main squareThe Main City Square of the city Orosháza, renewed in 2013.
You need a getaway week…

Spending a week at Orosháza-Gyopáros? Of course! You can easily spend more than one or two days or a weekend break in the Pearl of the Hungarian Plain. Tourism has grown at such an accelerated pace over the last few decades that nowadays the place disposes of the touristic background that guarantees your perfect holiday here.

The architecture of this small town is heavily determined by its two and a half century long history and culture. This is also tru in case of statues: we can find examples for classical figurative sculpture as well as for modern fine art, such as the work of Tibor Szervátius – Historical Memorial Park.

Churches of the town must be also mentioned among the sights of the town: Lutheran, which is an architectural monument, Catholic and Calvinist Church. Last but not least the Synagogue, which was restored and turned into a vibrant cultural centre, a modern cultural institution. We highly recommend that visitors should pay a visit toGyula Nagy Regional Museum of Orosháza. Its permanent exhibition opened in May 2005 presents the history of the town Orosháza and its region from the archaeological periods to nowadays. Art loving visitors will surely enjoy a stop at the Town Art Gallery, which brings together traditional and modern pieces of art. The seven permanent exhibitions present the works of local artists, such as: István Boldizsár, Miklós Müller and József Csáki-Maronyák. The Petőfi Cultural Centre offers programmes for each day together with other small museums – the Museum of Wells, which is the only museum in Hungary entirely dedicated to preserving the heritage of wells, József Darvas Memorial House, the Attic Gallery and the Panoráma lookout tower.

Of course the town offers possibilities to get in shape or maintain your daily fitness programme during your holiday. Numerous well equipped gyms can be found, such as Gyopár Sports Centre at Gyopárosfürdő, Body Fit Squash & Fitnes Center and the local Tennis Club. For jogging purposes the path around the lake is perfect and of course it can be used by bikers, too.
If you get bored of the town during the day, discover ist nightlife. Visit the wide range of pubs and bars, which offer entertainment for all ages. On top of that no worry about prices or safety as the local pubs and bars operate on reasonable prices and public safety is good.

If someone is looking for a mobile holiday, the surrounding area can fulfill such desires. Visitors can easily do one day trips to the surrounding towns and villages either by their own car or simply using the means of local public transport. Orosháza disposes of an effective bus and railway network. Direct bus service is provided to numerous destinations such as Budapest, Békéscsaba, Tótkomlós, Mezőhegyes and Szeged. The town is located by the former Arad-Fiume railway line. The part used up to now is connecting Szeged with Békéscsaba by regular rail service every hour. Rail connection is good to Mezőhegyes, Szentes and Mezőtúr as well.

In this way if you do not arrive by car and do not undertake a longer walk or a bicycle trip, you can easily get to one of the following places by frequent bus and rail service: Szarvas, Békéscsaba, Gyula, Mezőhegyes, Arad, Szentes. These places provide a wide variety of programmes and sights to see all year round.