Museum presenting water history

The only well museum in the country can be found here, as well as a related exhibition presenting water history.

For a few years the exhibition has been sponsored by the local János Kovács Szántó Museum, earlier it belonged to the Békés county water company.

Originally the museum is based upon the idea of the local history researcher Sándor Kiss Horváth. Nowadays the water tower, which is out of usage, and the well museum in its surrounding garden is a unique tourist attraction. The researcher had been enriching his collection for 20 years, when finally in 2002 he could open this museum presenting water history.

So far the well museum has won the Museum of the year award two times. The Békés Megyei Vízművek Zrt has been sponsoring the collector for years, helping him to achieve a succesful opening of the museum. Nowadays the museum is in the possession of the town.

The museum has no opening hours, it can be visited based on previous appointments made through the operating institution.

The Museum on map