How did the former vegetable garden and orchard become one of the most popular spas of the region called South Lowland or even of Hungary?

More than a century time, some devoted local residents, a lot of work and the intention of continuous development is needed.

The history of Gyopárosfürdő goes back to the late 1860’s, while the history of the town goes back a few years earlier. The so called Gyopárhalma became the home of those poor residents who were forced out of town. Their main activity was cultivating their vegetable garden and orchard. According to the records the place was founded in 1846.

Gyopárosfürdő a XIX. században

Gyopár Lake attracted the people of the time, it is true that for reasons of practical common sense. Local people used the lake for retting of hemp and for horse bathing. Later people recognised the healing effect of the water. In 1869 based on the initiative of a local doctor named dr. Elek László was started the building of the spa. Only a decade later the bath created on the southern part of the lake became a popular attraction visited by people arriving from distant places.

The water of the lake was permanently analysed, examined and its healing power was scientifically proved: it cured a lot of different diseases.

After years with ups and downs, pauses in the developments, tenant hunting and decline the first decade of the 20th century brought a significant breakthrough for Gyopárosfürdő: the management of the town realized again the opportunities hiding in the spa. On top of that starting from 1906 the new railway line connected Orosháza to Szentes touching the popular suburb. Later a regular train service was set. Although the development of the spa has always been continuous the period after the two World Wars brought years of recession. The investments restarted in 1958 and have been going on ever since. Thanks to this process Gyopárosfürdő has become a high quality bath with adventure and thermal pools surrounded by a park. It is the ideal destination for wellness fans.