Proper sauna etiquette

Please read the list below of 11 points on proper sauna etiquette. These guideline can guarantee a pleasant relaxation in the sauna cabins for everyone.

1.) Leave your slippers outside the sauna cabins

Before entering the sauna cabin leave outside your slippers and swimsuit. Most slippers are made of plastic and are glued. These synthetic materials start to dissolve and evaporate at an average temperature of 90°C. We’d better breath in and enjoy the benefits of the essential oils applied by the sauna master. These are absolutely pure and healthy!

2.) Entrance with dry body and sheets

A lot of people do not attribute too much importance to wet fabrics and their wet bodies, although it is very important to enter the sauna cabin with dry body and sheets. In this way we can avoid cooling the cabin or ourselves. In addition we can achieve a sufficient sweating and detoxification.

3.) Always sit on a sheet

For our own and others hygiene, please remember to spread and sit on a sheet placing your feet on it as well. In this way we can avoid our sweat dripping on the floor.

4.) Avoid intensive-scented perfumes and cosmetics

When in high temperatures our transpiration is more intensive, in this way the applied cosmetics will evaporate more intensively. If guests applied strong-scented perfumes and cosmetics there would be an unpleasant mixture of fragrances in the air. In the sauna cabins it is better to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

5.) Politics, religions excluded

It is impolite to talk about topics related to politics or religions in the sauna. These subjects raise tension and give reason for debates.

6.) Pay attention to the proper distance

Take a seat and find a comfortable position in a way to avoid dripping our sweat on other guests. If the cabin is too crowded, it is better to stay outside and wait till a free seat is available for us.

7.) Keep quiet

If not taking part at a Sauna Seance® please pay attention to loud speech with your partner. Loud and energetic speech is considered rude and can disturb other guests.

8.) Enter the plunge pool only after taking a shower

For our own and other hygiene enter the plunge pool after taking a shower, thus washing off our sweat. Entering the cold water the suddenly shrinking poles push out the toxins. Do not even think what would happen if everyone would wash himself in this pool!

9.) Sink slowly in the plunge pool instead of jumping

It is dangerous for several reasons to jump into the plunge pool. Furthermore, the splashing water and the noise can disturb the other guests taking a rest by the pool.

10.) No eating or drinking is permitted in the sauna cabins

Taking food or any kind of beverage in the sauna cabin is both unhygienic and disturbing for the other guests. What is more, it can cause accidents. It is unhealthy and can cause sickness. Eating or drinking is advisable 1-2 hours before or after entering the sauna.

11.) Avoid taking newspapers, printed materials or books into the sauna

Although nowadays newspapers are not printed with lead-based paint, the different chemicals in the paint can be harmful for the guests sitting in the sauna cabin. In addition, due to evaporation they emit a strong and unpleasant smell.

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