Proper way of using the sauna

Tips for taking the sauna the right way


Always start with a shower. Don’t have a sauna with chlorine water on the body! Enter the sauna with dry body and dry towels.

In the sauna cabin

Always spread out a sheet and sit completely on it, even your feet. Take the most comfortable posture and vary it from time to time. In case of rapid heart beat or dizziness please leave the cabin, regardless the time indicated by the sand watch!

Finishing the sauna

After leaving the sauna first take a shower, cleaning off the sweat! Then comes the cool-down process.

Methods for cooling down

It is a disbelief that sauna usage is possible only with using the plunge pool! Taking into account all points of view, it would be the most effective. Please find below other possible options.

1.) Plunge pool
Enter the plunge pool only after having a shower! Cold water has an intensive contracting effect on pores and veins. The ideal water temperature is ~ 16-18 °C.

Positive effects: t is good opportunity to train the veins, ideal way to fight against and prevent arteriosclerosis! The heat from the sauna results in the dilation of blood vessels, which is followed by a sudden contraction.
Further information: when in the cold water move your legs and feet slowly, do not float without moving.
The body can cool down quickly in the plunge pool, so be careful. Take a shower again, before entering the sauna to wash off the chemically treated water on your body.

2.) Taking a shower
It is mainly recommended in case of dizziness, guests over 60 who do not use the sauna regularly, guests having not chronic cardiac and vascular problems. In this case the cooling process should start with tepid water, which is cooled gradually. Cool the body parts one by one, start with the furthest point from the heart, going on gradually towards the chest.

3.) Spontaneous cooling in the air
Dry off your body after taking a shower, then go to the fresh air or cool-down sitting in the resting area. This latter is a more gentle way of cooling down. It is recommended for guests who do not want to become exhausted, who want to stay fit at the end of the sauna procedure.
Positive effects: cooling down in the open air has a refreshing effect on both of our body and mind. The psychological blocks can be better treated.

It is mainly recommended in case of slight dizziness, guests over 60, those who do not use the sauna regularly, guests suffering from some kind of health problems, but can use the sauna with medical approval. Last but not least for everyone, who feels like it…

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