Sauna Culture

We would like to take part in spreading the sauna culture, hoping to contribute to the proper, thus healthier, less risky and more enjoyable sauna usage.

Talking about sauna most people think of relaxing in sauna. However, using the sauna has a wider meaning as well. We can revitalize ourselves, it can serve rehabilitation purposes and can be part of a complex therapy. It can be applied to reach mental and physical fitness or on the contrary to chill out after a stressful day or week.

Relaxing sauna

The duration of a sauna session is maximum 15 minutes/occasion (every time).

The most ideal for relaxing sauna is taking 3-4 sauna sessions. Do pay attention to the phase of cool-down and resting. The best is to wait for 15-20 minutes before entering the sauna cabin again. The longer break we keep, the better result can be reached. Sleeping between two sauna sessions is not advisable.

The best solution is to proceed according to our body’s needs: in case of rapid heart beat, have a longer break. Going to the sauna should serve the recreation of our body and mind. It is not a survival programme, do not compete with other sauna guests.

How many times a day is sauna healthy?

Experienced and regular sauna guests can enter the sauna 4-5 times. More sessions are tiring for the heart and the cardiovascular system, it can endanger the ionic balance as well. In this way it has nothing to do with health preservation or keeping fit.

How many times a week is sauna healthy?

Over a week 3 x 4 or 4 x 3 sauna sessions are advisable. Going to the sauna every day is exaggeration and unhealthy.

The term of ”tisanerie”

„This term is often indicated using the German expression „Aufguss”. However, this is not correct in Hungarian context. With respect to the sauna procedure the term „tisanerie” indicates the activity of the sauna master pouring water mixed with essential oils on the hot stoves. In this way hot and perfumed steam evaporates in the air of the sauna cabin.” *

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