for sports fans

A sound mind in a sound body

Orosháza has sportsmen of first rank, supporting audience and fans: nationally ranked handball team, wrestlers, table tennis team, athletes have gained fame for the town. Last but not least there is a football team in the second class of the National Championship, mainly focusing on the junior football club.

In the sports news we can often hear about the local modelling team and representatives of technical sports. Of course tourists are not interested in top-level, professional sports, by providing this information we wanted to underline the fact that they are arriving in a sport-friendly environment that disposes of proper facilities in order to insure meaningful pastime.

For those who go jogging on regular basis, Gyopárosfürdő is the best place. Visitors can go jogging in fresh air, calm and natural environment with fresh air. For swimming ideal conditions are provided by the 50 m outdoor swimming pool situated in the park. This pool is never overcrowded, especially in the evening hours. In the park there are separate beach volleyball, beach handball and football pitches.

Visitors who pursue the queen of sports should not leave their rackets at home as Orosháza offers various possibilities to enjoy your hobbies at Kazszer Tennis Club and Town Tennis Club.

If you are the type, who would like to have your own bicycle during your holiday – this is the best place for you. Taking your bike on holidays with you shouldn’t be a major hassle as you can hire one. There is a wide choice of bicycle routes, for details see the page for bikers. By the way the town disposes of two cycling clubs: the OKÉ founded in 2005 representing the interests of bikers, while Orosházi Kerékpáros Sport Egyesület gathers the competitors, professional bikers.

If you wish to maintain your fitness program during the holiday, Gyopárosfürdő offers solution for it in the gym of the spa or at Gyopár Sportcentrum, or at Body Fit Squash & Fitness Center. Some of the local accommodations dispose of gym as well, so it is advisable to do some research about it before making a reservation.