Gyopáros Bathing Experience

Fun and entertainment provided by the adventure pools at Gyopáros.

On a huge space of more than 6 000 m2 the four star Spa complexity is a real treat. Open all year round, the spa provides enjoyment and dozens of adventure elements to visitors arriving for health reasons or pure fun, for holidays spent with friends or family. During your holiday spent here do not miss the night time bathing – as the spa is open on Fridays and Saturdays till late night.

The adventure bath offers high quality services for visitors seeking not only recovery, but active and passive relaxation or entertainment. The place is ideal both for romantic holidays spent in two and for holidays spent with the family or for fun seeking group of friends without disturbing one another. Situated on a huge area visitors with different expectations will not annoy one another. Everybody will find the way of entertainment matching the various tastes.

The adventure zone disposes of four indoor and three outdoor pools with water filtration and circulation systems, offer various adventure elements such as: neck shower, mushroom, lazy river rides, lying massage, geysers, water spitters, massage jets and waterfalls make recreation and relaxation even more enjoyable. Spa vacations are especially nurturing as the whole experience is about getting healthier, living better and bring the spa experience home with you.

Pictures of Adventure pools