Aquapark indoor pools remain closed

We are sorry to inform our guests that 3 of the 4 pools of the Aquapark remain closed for the whole 2022 season.

Apart from the 3 indoor pools of the aquapark ALL OTHER SERVICES will be available at Gyopárosfürdő according to season, just as the indoor thermal pool and the services of the Sauna Park, as well as the popular sauna seanses.

Gyopárosfürdő-Orosháza 2021.

During the forced closing time due tot he COVID epidemic the renovation of the spa was started. One of the most important part of this work was the partial renovation of the wooden roof structure of the aquapark. The work was scheduled to be completed mid 2021, but the final phase of the renovation has revealed such unforeseen construction problems, that make the safe opening impossible and require further investment. We have already consulted with the town management about the inevitable renovation and we were promised to get as much support as possible to fulfill our plan.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
The Team of Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő

Map of Gyopárosfürdő (valid from 28 May 2022)

Map of Gyopárosfürdő from 28 Mai 2022.


  • 1. Main entrance
  • 2. Children’s pool I. (OPEN)
  • 3. Children’s pool II. (OPEN)
  • 4. Tower pool (OPEN)
  • 5. Outdoor slide pool (OPEN)
  • 6. Outdoor hot tub (OPEN all year)
  • 7. Medicinal swimming pool (OPEN all year)
  • 8. Indoor column pool (temporarily closed)
  • 9. Indoor sitting pool (temporarily closed)
  • 10. Indoor children’s pool (OPEN all year)
  • 11. Indoor slide pool (temporarily closed)
  • 12. 50 meter sports pool (OPEN)
  • 13. Training pool (OPEN)
  • 14. Dining Center (OPEN)
  • 15. Lookout tower (can be visited on special request)
  • 16. Health Care Center (OPEN)
  • 17. Medicine Center (OPEN)
  • 18. Indoor thermal spa (OPEN all year)
  • 19. Boat rental (OPEN)
  • 20. Fehér Hattyú / White Swan Restaurant & Pension (OPEN)
  • 21. Corvus Hotel (OPEN)
  • 22. Napsugár / Sunlight Hotel (OPEN)
  • 23. Thermal Park Camping (OPEN)
  • P – paid parking with e-car charging (free parking 260 meters away)