Thermal Spa

A therapy taken at Gyopáros is effective for the treatment of various locomotive disorders, rheumatism, inflammations, gynaecological problems, neurological complaints, rehabilitatation following accidents and operations.

The water of Gyopáros was officially qualified as medicinal water in 1999 and has acquired national importance. The thermal pools of the spa are supplied with water from two wells with a depth of 670 m. The temperature of the thermal water coming to the surface is 47°C, before pouring in the pools it is cooled to the desired temperature.

Gyógyfürdő bejárataThermal water with high natural alkaline hydrogen carbonate content has an analgesic effect, brings relief for patients suffering from chronic back and neck pain, joint pain, increases the regenerative ability of the body, in this way bringing speedy recovery.

Thermal water under 34°C has anti-inflammatory effect, while at higher temperatures decreases muscle contraction, bringing relief for the patients. Inhalation of steam and humidity heals respiratory problems. When applied directly to the skin thermal water helps eczema, lichen planus or psoriasis with high efficiency.

The thermal water can be of help in case of different diseases affecting the spinal cord such as chronic low back pain, spinal disc herniation, nervous or joint (hand, knee, and ankle) inflammation, osteoporosis, rehabilitation after injuries, operation, fractures. Chronic gynaecological problems, urinary inflammations as well as sterility can be treated in this way. It is proven that thermal water as part of treatment has beneficial effect upon muscle diseases such as Parkinson syndrome, as well as in case of muscle contracture due to cerebral embolism or stroke.

Gyopárosi gyógyfürdő belső medenceBeside the positive effects bathing in thermal water is not recommended in the event of heart failure, high blood pressure, epilepsy, open wounds, tumours and malign diseases, acute infections, incontinency, infections or in the case of pregnancy.

Within the complexity the physio- and balneotherapy centre provides complex, tailored treatment programmes depending on the patient’s condition and type of illness. Weight bath therapy, a genuine „hungaricum”, aims to displace the vertebras, thus stretching the back bone and enabling the restoring of the original, healthy condition of the vertebral disks. Weight bath is completely painless, as the up thrust of the water relaxes the body and the weights stretch the spine in a very gentle way.

The condition of this therapy is an X-ray made within 5 years. Treatment with carbonic acid bath: it is well known that carbonic acid penetration through skin into the human organism has positive effects: considerable dilatation of the skin vessels, accelerates the blood’s current, improves blood circulation. It is mainly applied after heart attack or heart operations.Underwater jet massage (tangentor): this therapy affects mainly the muscles. It is indicated in case of Bechterew disease and pain caused by osteoporosis.

Gyopáros offers possibility for underwater medical gymnastics as part of rehabilitation programs, therapeutic swimming in groups for children under 18 who suffer mainly from deformity of the spine.

Gyopárosfürdő panorama
Take a tour of the Gyopárosfürdő spa using 360° panoramic pictures.

Pictures of the Thermal spa