Wellness OrosházaApart from therapeutic massage our spa provides a wide range of special massages for indicated tariffs. Appointments can be made on the following phone numbers +36 (68) 512-260 and +36 (68) 512-262 or personally at the cash desk of the therapy centre.

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Refreshing massage

Duration of treatment is 15 or 25 minutes. This therapy is based on the techniques of Swedish massage. The main result of the massage is the improved blood supply of the skin, of the subcutaneous connective tissues and muscles, thus improving tissue metabolism, oxygen supply, muscle strength and elasticity. The primary aim of the therapy is to treat the painful muscle knots caused by stress, to enhance performance, to improve regeneration after fatigue and promote rehabilitation after injuries.

Pearl of the Lowaland massage with salty thermal water

Duration of treatment is 25 minutes. The massage cream is mixed with thermal water and sea salt. Salt from the thermal water is rich of minerals, which are vital for the human organism. On top of that it has a significant moisturizing effect as well.

Breuss massage

Duration of treatment is 35 minutes. Breuss massage guarantees the relaxation of the patient by soft movements, regenerates the tissues by the spinal cord and the nervous system and provides a great help in regenerating the body. During treatment main attention is dedicated to the spinal column, so using the St John’s Wort oil and the various massage techniques make the thorax relax, the pressure on the discs is reduced and their regeneration is increased. The stiff discs become more elastic. In case of serious problems it is worth applying together with Dorn Therapy for more efficient treatment.

Relaxing head massage

Duration of treatment is 25 minutes. Massage of acupressure points on the head, face and neck-shoulders is generally soothing and relaxing, and therefore is highly recommended to everyone, but especially for those who are doing tough mental work. Head massage improves blood circulation of the scalp besides relieving pain, making hair healthier, relaxing muscle tension in the neck and shoulders and filling the body with energy.

Foot massage

Duration of treatment is 25 minutes. Foot massage improves the functioning of the nervous, hormone and immune system, balances the energy, blood and lymph flow. The benefits of this massage is better blood supply of the insides, more intensive metabolism and lymph circulation, the functioning of the hormone producer organs can be influenced.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Duration of treatment is 55 minutes. Lymphatic drainage massage is highly effective in decreasing the swellings caused by stagnant lymph fluid on upper and lower limbs. By activating the lymphatic system the body starts its detoxification process and the toxins leave through the kidneys and the digestive system. As a result of detoxification the immune system will become stronger and the self-healing mechanisms will start. Lymphatic drainage massage has a positive effect upon the nervous system. It is calming, relaxing, promotes the resting sleep, supports the general well-being. This therapy supports slimming diets, it can be applied before and after liquid therapy. The effects can be stimulated with infrared sauna, which is advised to be applied following the lymphatic drainage massage. As the Lymphatic drainage massage has some health risks, this therapy can be provided based on medical advice!

Bounty massage with coconut oil

Duration of treatment is 25 minutes. The coconut oil applied during the therapy moisturizes the skin, slows the aging of the cells, protects from harmful UV radiation. This natural oil is rich of antioxidants, the saturated fats it contains hydrate effectively the dry skin and prevent its dehydration.

Cinnamon cream massage

Duration of treatment is 25 minutes. Cinnamon has skin tightening property, decreases wrinkles, regenerates the skin’s tissues, increases blood circulation and has a fat burning effect as well.

Massage with Hungarian plum brandy

Duration of treatment is 25 minutes. During the therapy massage cream, plum jam and plum brandy is used. Plum is a natural source of iron, it is rich of calcium and potassium, disinfects and degreases the skin.

Nofretete massage

Duration of treatment is 25 minutes. During the therapy apart from massage oil the masseur uses cream, honey and aromatic oils, thus helping to reach harmony between mind and body. The massage is relaxing and calming, makes the skin smooth, silky and hydrated.

Chocolate massage

Duration of treatment is 25 minutes. Due to its beneficial composition chocolate refreshes the skin and helps maintain skin juvenility. Thank to its endorphin content happiness flows over the body during the massage.

Anti-rheumatic massage

Duration of treatment is 25 minutes. This therapy serves the relief of rheumatic affections, joint problems. The massage is effected with Inno Rheuma massage oil.

Relaxing massages

Duration of treatment is 25 or 55 minutes. Types:

  • Regenerating massage with grapeseed oil – Grapeseed oil makes the skin smooth, improves flexibility, prevents aging, provides collagen regeneration, increases skin firming. This massage is especially recommended in case of dry, matured skin.
  • Good mood massage with cinnamon and orange oil – This type of massage is completed with cinnamon and orange oil, thus improving the vitalizing, mood boosting, relaxing and stress-releiving effect of the therapy. Moreover these oils have excellent hydrating effect.
  • De-stressing massage with lavender oil – This type of massage has a stimulant and calming effect due to the applied lavender oil. Thanks to its anti-inflammation effect this therapy is ideal to relieve the rheumatic pains, but it is effective in case of sunburn as well.
  • Harmony massage with peppermint and rosemary oil – Peppermint oil supports muscle relaxation, relieves muscle pains. Rosemary oil improves blood circulation and reduces inflamatory processes, relaxes muscle contractions, has a positive effect upon sprained joints.
  • „Magic of the Lowland” massage with lemongrass and orange oil – Lemongrass oil has positive effect upon nervousness, anxiety, releives the symptoms of chronic headache, applied with orange oil enhance each others effect. Orange oil has a great effect of strenghtening the nervous system and releiving stress.
  • Moisturizing & Hydrating Massage – with Aloe Vera oil – Aloe vera oil is rich of vitamines and minerals, thus is ideal for any type of skin. It has an excellent hydrating, calming effect upon skin, improving blood circulation in the same time. Due to its effect of cell regeneration it is ideal for inflammations or for treating sunburnt skin.

Lava stone massage

Duration of treatment is 55 minutes. The massage therapist applies grey/black rocks of volcanic origin with smooth surface heated to 50-54 °C. The vibration of lava stones is the highest and retains heat and energy for a long time. During the treatment heated and personalized mixture of massage oils and essential oils are used, which penetrate easier and deeper into the heated skin. Thus their effect is more intensive.

Thai massage

Duration of treatment is 55 minutes. Thai Massage provides the free flow of energy, relieves the pain, reduces muscle tension, energizes blocks and stiffness, thus relaxing the body and soul by stretching and applying pressure on the muscles in different positions. Detoxifies through special movements, activates blood and lymphatic circulation as well as the self-healing mechanisms of the body. It is perfectly effective for the prevention of different diseases.

Further details about the prices of the massages are provided in the price list.