Gyopárosfürdő – health resort

Gyopárosfürdő officially qualified as health resort on 27 July 2016. The resort can be found in Békés county, suburb district of Orosháza town, known as „Pearl of the Great Plain”.

The history of Gyopárosfürdő goes back to the late 1860’s, while the history of the town goes back a few years earlier. The investments started in 1958 and have been going on practically without interruption to these days. As a result of these efforts today Gyopárosfürdő has become a popular destination among visitors who love spas, wellness and balneo-therapies.

Gyopáros health resort

– It is a huge progress for our town, Orosháza, that its name will appear on the list of national health resorts. Over the past years this area has become a popular destination again, which is due to the different local groups working on it for years.

The development concept and work in the coming years will be based mainly on the sick people. We are proud that our spa will be marked on the national map of health resorts, in this way Gyopárosfürdő will be mentioned among outstanding resorts, such as Hévíz and Hajdúszoboszló – said Zoltán David, Mayor of Orosháza.

The renovated thermal pool of Gyopárosfürdő was opened in May 2014. The water of Gyopáros was officially qualified as medicinal water in 1999 and has acquired national importance. The thermal pools of the spa are supplied with water from two wells with a depth of 670 metres. The temperature of the thermal water coming to the surface is 47°C, before pouring in the pools it is cooled to the desired temperature. This thermal water belongs to the group of alkaline hydrogen carbonate waters, with a high silicic acid content.

Inhalation of steam and humidity heals respiratory problems. When applied directly to the skin thermal water helps different types of dermatitis with high efficiency, like eczema, lichen planus or psoriasis.

Gyopárosfürdő health resort

The thermal water of Gyopáros can be of help in case of different diseases affecting the spinal cord such as chronic low back pain, spinal disc herniation, nervous or joint inflammation, osteoporosis, rehabilitation after injuries, operation, fractures. It is proven that thermal water as part of treatment has beneficial effect upon muscle diseases such as Parkinson syndrome, as well as in case of muscle cramps due to cerebral embolism or stroke.

The physio- and balneo- therapy of Gyopáros spa provides treatments not only in the thermal water, but a wide range of healthcare services as well, which result from the tight cooperation with the local hospital, Orosházi Kórház.

The spa complexity obtained this qualification not only due to its thermal water, but for the surrounding wooded area, where visitors can sit down, relax and enjoy the clean air and the beauty of the nature. The wellness centre is surrounded by numerous hotels, situated right on the banks of the lake.

The management of the town and of the region is committed to maintain this qualification as health resort, to effectuate further modernization and development of the local sites in order to achieve a prestigious rank on the list of Hungarian health resorts.

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