We are sorry to inform our guests, that 3 of the 4 indoor pools of the Aquapark remain closed during 2022

2022. ticket prices (from 01/10/2021)

Valid from 1 October 2021 until revoked. Residents with a permanent address in Orosháza can use the 50% discount again, unfortunately it is no longer possible to use the “regional discount” from 2021 onwards. Unfortunately, the indoor pools of the Adventure Bath remain closed in 2022.

Park + Thermal bath

Ticket types


Adult 2 600,- Ft
Student/pensioner 2 100,- Ft
Child (4-14 years old) 1 500,- Ft
New: 2-hour bath ticket
Monday to Friday only.
1 500,- Ft
Family-ticket: 2 adults + 1 child or 1 adult + 2 children 6 200,- Ft
Family-ticket additional children (4-14 years old) 1 000,- Ft
Adult ticket after 4 p.m. on weekdays 1 900,- Ft
Student/pensioner ticket after 4 p. m. on weekdays 1 500,- Ft
Child ticket after 4 p.m. on weekdays 1 000,- Ft
Night bath ticket (incl. Saunapark after 8 p.m.) 2 800,- Ft
10-session pass for adults 23 400,- Ft
10-session pass for students/pensioners 18 900,- Ft
Wardrobe use 200,- Ft


Sauna ticket (Additional ticket) 1 300,- Ft
Sauna seance 1 occasion 700,- Ft
Sauna seance 2 occasions 1 000,- Ft
Sauna seance 3 occasions 1 300,- Ft

Group discount for over 15 people 10%. Use of the spa is free for children up to the age of 4.

Prices of additional services

Subaquatic water jet massage (tangentor) 1.700,- HUF/occ
Hydromassage in tub – 15 min 1.100,- HUF/occ
Subaquatic medical gymnastics in group (25 min.) 1.600,- HUF/occ
Salty room 600,- HUF/occ
Salty room for students und pensioners 400,- HUF/occ
Solarium – 10 min 600,- HUF/10 min
Solarium – 20 min 1.000,- HUF/20 min
Alföld “outlaw” treatment 7.500,- HUF
“Magic of Seherezad” 7.500,- HUF
“Power of Zeus” 7.500,- HUF
“Eternal Youth” 7.500,- HUF
“Magic of the sea” 5.500,- HUF
“Far East Charm” 7.800,- HUF
Thai Massage 7.500,- HUF/55 min.
Refreshing massage (partial) 2.000,- HUF/15 min.
Refreshing massage (on the whole body) 3.300,- HUF/25 min.
Relaxing head massage – 25 min. 3.500,- HUF/25 min.
Refreshing Foot Massage 3.500,- HUF/25 min.
Lava stone massage 7.000,- HUF/55 min.
Lymph massage 7.000,- HUF/55 min.
Sauna sheet deposit 1.000,- HUF/day
Towel rental 1.100,- HUF/day
Towel deposit 2.000,- HUF/day
Gown rental 1.100,- HUF/day
Gown deposit 5.000,- HUF/day
Massage towel 300,- HUF
Boot / pedal boot rent 1.000,- HUF/30 min.
Safe for valuables 800,- HUF/day
Postcard 300,- HUF
Parking fee 600,- HUF/day
Free parking: 260 meters from the spa entrance
  • Guests are asked to pay a hire deposit upon requesting sauna sheets, which is 500,- HUF. When leaving the spa complex both the receipt and the coin received at the cash desk must be presented in order to get the hire deposit refunded. Please note that each day we can refund the deposits paid on that day. Ulterior payment or without the receipt or coin, is not possible.
    Please return your receipt and coin 15 minutes before the closing time of the spa complex.
  • Entrance is free under the age of 4. Children under 14 can enter the spa complex only accompanied by an adult.
  • Visitors can apply only one discount at a time. The available discounts are not cumulative.
  • Prices and tariffs indicated on this current website are relevant. We do not take any responsibility for prices and tariffs published on other websites.