1 day

A short trip in gyopáros

Eight-ten hours is not a long time. Actually this is the time we spend sleeping or working during a single day.

If we want to spend eight hours in a really meaningful way, we can do a lot of things at Gyopárosfürdő. Let’s start with a pleasant walk in the town. The best starting point could be Kossuth street, which is the pleasant walking street of the town. Just a few steps from here we can find the traditional town market and hall, where local farmers sell their high quality reliable products. It is worth walking to Rákóczi street and Endre Thék street with the Town Art Gallery, which has unique permanent and temporary exhibitions all year round. In the same time we can visit the only monumental building of the town, the Evangelical church.

In the town centre everything is at our disposal to settle our affairs: shopping, banking or insurance.

When we have finished with all these things, we can go to Gyopárosfürdő. It is only a few minutes’ drive from the town, but there are scheduled coaches and trains as well. Bikers can go on the bicycle lane up to the entrance of the spa.

Now we can enjoy the reward at the end of the day: bathing either in the open air or indoor pools, depending on the season and weather conditions. Apart from that, we can relax in the sauna cabins or benefit from the medical treatments. Time flies so fast when you are having fun, but we still need to have a few snacks. There are great opportunities both within the spa and in the downtown.

This short trip is enough to get a personal impression about the place before taking decision on making plans for a long week-end or a holiday. We will know for sure: it is worth spending a few days or even a longer period of time here.