Market – Orosháza

When you are in Orosháza, do as the locals do During a holiday in Orosháza it is worth visiting the local market.

Although markets have always been the centre of social life, nowadays the shopping centres and malls tempt the customers and markets have lost their importance. Despite this tendency in Orosháza the market preserved its importance. On some specific days of the week called market days, there are traffic jams around the market due to the high number of people arriving here. It is partly due to the fact that a decade ago a modern market hall was built, with a wide choice of services inside.

The main attraction of a market is the fresh fruit and vegetables, and Orosháza is lucky from this point of view. Local producers offer their products of high quality. In the market hall customers can find everything starting from hot red pepper to newspapers and magazines. Customers can have breakfast here, too. If you get hungry it is worth tasting the local gastronomic specialities: fried sausages with bread and mustard, fried bread covered with sour cream and cheese, or the local sweet speciality: csiramálé (wheat germ pudding).

Pictures – Market


Map of the market