Tennis, Squash

You do not have to leave your rackets at home during your holiday at Orosháza as there are various possibilities to enjoy your hobbies, tennis or squash, both in winter and in summer time.

In summertime there are different tennis courts at your disposal. One of these can be found at Tó street, that belongs to the local tennis club. At Vásárhelyi road you can find Kazszer Tennis Club. Even in the suburb area, at Gyopáros, there are a lot of tennis courts.

It is not much fun playing tennis in cold weather, but you do not have to renounce to this sport in winter time either. There is an indoor court at Gyopár Sports Centre or Kazszer Tennis Club.

Squash addicts will find place for their passtime at Gyopár Soprts Centre, Body Fit Squash & Fitness Center at Mihály Táncsics street.