Churches in Orosháza

Due to the fact that Orosháza was founded by Lutherans driven out of Zomba because of their faith, up to now this is the most influential religious community in the town.

he only monument of the town is the Lutheran Church constructed in late baroque style. Its construction started in 1777, gaining its final form in 1830. The building can host up to 2 500 people, the cipher of the church was decorated by Lőrincz Dunajszki. Pesky József painted the altarpiece of the church with the title The Last Supper of Jesus and the Twelve Apostles, a popular subject in Christian art. Four memorials of marble slabs commemorate the 800 Lutheran victims of the First World War.

The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was built in 1922. The Roman Catholic church is the place where Miklós Széchényi, bishop of Grand Varadino was buried in 1923. He contributed financially the contruction of this church. The tomb is covered by a slab of black marble.

In the interior of the tomb-chapel stands a 3,5 meter high black marble cross with the figure of Jesus with the Sacred Heart. The monument was made by Albin Sieger and Imre Szőts, while the sculpture of Jesus was made by Adorján Horváth.

Followers of John Calvin represent a small minority at Orosháza. Their church was built during the First World War, between 1914 and 1917. Its style is neo-Gothic. Its unique characteristic feature is the slenderness, both inside and outside. The doors and windows are lancet. The front tower is 36 meter high.

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