Békéscsaba, the chief town of Békés county is situated within half an hour drive from Orosháza, on the main road no.47.

Scheduled coach and railway transport services are available to Békéscsaba in each hour of the day. The town with a population of 64 000 is the major commercial and industrial centre of the county. Some authorities, however, still operate in the former chief town of the county, Gyula.

Békéscsaba being a big town offers a wide choice of programmes and festivals almost in each month of the year. The best known festival is the Csaba Sausage Festival looking back to a decade of history. Gastronomy is one of the main tourist attraction of the town with the famous local sausage, traditional pig killing feasts and highly qualified restaurants. After tasteful dishes and good drinks we can enjoy the cultural programmes offered by Jókai Theatre or watch the reliques of Mihály Munkácsy, famous painter, who spent his years of apprentice at Békéscsaba.

At Békéscsaba shopping facilities tempt the arriving visitors: Csaba Center – shopping Mall in the city centre and hundreds of boutiques along the walking street offering jewellery, clothes and other things.

Pictures of Békéscsaba

Békéscsaba on map