The village Kardoskút, with 900 inhabitants, is situated just 10-15 minutes drive way from Orosháza downtown.

The settlement became independent of Hódmezővásárhely Administrative Area in 1949, a year later it belonged to Békés county. During the Socialist era the village developed significantly due to the discovery of oil and gas fields in the area. Yet the village is famous not for its industry, but its natural values: Kardoskút-W­hite Lake Protected Natural Area, which is a protected area. In addition to the passage of birds, the most valuable bird sanctuary in Hungary is located at White Lake. Rare bird species nest here, such as the ringed plover, the godwit, the lark, the lapwing, and the avocet, these are one of the most interesting bird species in Hungary.

The settlement due to its location is easily accessible by car, railway and bus. In the same time it can be an ideal destination or resting place for cycling trips.

Pictures of Kardoskút and White Lake

Kardoskút on map