Sculpture tour in Orosháza

Let’s start our sightseeing tour at Vilmos Győri square, where we can see the statue of Saint Stephen, the first Hungarian king.

It was inaugurated in the year of Millenium, in this way being one of the latest statues of the town. The statue is the work of László Rajki, sculptor born in Orosháza, but currently living in Szentendre. The half-portrait figure of the King stands on a columshaped pedestal. The animal symbols of turul and lion appearing on the capital refer to the totemistic forefathers of the Árpád-house and the royalty. Further carvings on the pedestal refer to the history of the town foundation.

The statue of Kossuth in Szabadság square is the work of János Horvay, restore by László Rajki. Its four sides are decorated with relieves; before gilded backgrounds, there are the following motives: Kossuth speaking on pulpit; the image of the marching in soldiers; cannon attack of ’honvéds’ (of the Hungarian Army) and the cleric-representative of Orosháza, József Veres, blesses the ashes of Kossuth on the catafalque.

In the 19th century Mihály Táncsics was elected member of Parliament, representing Orosháza and the surrounding districts. These days his statue can be found in front of the local secondary high school. The statue of János Szántó Kovács can be found at Dózsa street nr.5.

Further statues worth visiting at Orosháza: Sándor Petőfi statue at Kossuth street nr 1, right in front of the Petőfi Cultural Center, József Eötvös statue in front of the school named after him and the statue of Heroes in Kossuth street.