Gellértegyháza Historical Park

Visitors of Gellértegyháza, suburb of Orosháza town, would not think that the place used to be a military shooting range, later a place dedicated to waste collection. Nowadays it is a place of leisure activities, developing continuously due to the devoted local patriots, who have established the Foundation for Historical Gellértegyháza. Their activity is reflected by the achievements of the past years

Gellértegyháza történelmi parkChoosing this place was not accidentally, the district was called by local people „Újosztás” (=newly divided land): in the fifties it was place of archaeological excavations, when prof. Elemér Zalotay and his team discovered a cemetery of Árpád era. It also turned out that the ancient village lying here had the name Gellértegyháza. Over long decades political and economical interests dominated the tradition preserving ideas, first functioning as a military shooting range, later during the years of privatization the destruction went on, for examples trees were cut out and illegal waste collection was allowed on the place of the future historical park.

However, the new owner supported the initiative of the local patriots and started the restoration and construction works. Grandiose plans were made, which are carried out step by step. Historical exhibitions, accommodations, entertainment facilities, sledding and skating rink and adventure park was dreamed to be built here.

Naturally, Gellértegyháza is currently ideal for hosting different events. It is reflected by the high number of successful concerts, theatrical performances, festivals, tradition preserving events, summer camps of good atmosphere and the program organization is still going on.

The place is perfect, even in its present form, for team-buildings, family excursions or groups of friends who want a day with programs like barbecuing, drinking and relaxing.

Location of Gellértegyháza

Gellértegyháza is situated at the edge of today’s Orosháza, in a district called Újosztás (Map).

Further information

5900 Orosháza, Zöldmező street
Phone: +36 30 938 8439