Traditional Slovak farm

An inevitable programme of a holiday spent at the Great Plain, Békés county, getting to know the traditions of the Slovak minority living in this area for centuries.

The best opportunity to do so is offered by Ger-Vik farm, situated in the area surrounding Csorvás, at a distance of a few minutes by car or an hour by bike.

The more than a century old, restored building, reflects in an authentic context the life style of Slovak minority.

In the room visitors can see an original beehive oven with berm. The small windows, the earthy flooring, winter door with long hook, low doors, 50 cm walls made of clay – are all typical elements of a traditional farm house. The farm offers the possibility of not only watching the traditional life style, but also of trying out most of their activities

In spring time visitors can try pasta or soap making, while in summer time they can prepare elderberry syrup, autumn is the season of plum jam making at Ger-Vik farm. Naturally, the farm offers not only seasonal activities, but also arts and crafts classes, cooking and baking, gingerbread baking, experiencing the hospitality of village people. In this way visitors can spend unforgettable hours here.

The farm is a popular destination for excursions with school classes, as the farm provides students useful ethnographic knowledge, but offers a trip to the hiding place of the legendary outlaw of Great Plain, Sándor Rózsa.

Making previous appointments is possible

Owner: Trnkóczi Jánosné Kukucska Zsuzsanna
Phone number: 06-20/510-1000
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