for culture fans

Colourful town, colourful culture

Orosháza maintains long cultural traditions of high quality music, fine art and literature.

These traditions are prefectly reflected by the institutions of the local cultural life. The cultural offer of the town is a mixture of present and past aspirations.

Let’s see the most important monuments. The Historical Memorial Park can be found in front of Mihály Táncsics secondary high school for two decads. In the center of the statue park the Gate of sorrow and the figure of a crying woman can be found. All around, in the park, in chronological order, the decisive episodes of the history are symbolized by rustic, unformed blocks of stone immortalizing the important dates of the Hungarian history.

At Vilmos Győri square we can see the statue of Saint Stephen, the first Hungarian king. This statue is the work of László Rajki, born in Orosháza. The famous statue of Kossuth, restored by László Rajki. Other sights not to miss: the statue of Mihály Táncsics,the statue of János Szántó Kovács, Sándor Petőfi statue, József Eötvös statue and the statue of Heroes.

The center of local cultural life is Petőfi Cultural Center. The institution organises and supports a wide spectrum of programmes to promote Hungarian art and artists. During the high season festivals and concerts are held in different scenes of the town.

The Public Library of the town can be found in this building. Apart from its classic duties the Library organises and hosts a large number of events that are of interest to their members, such as: writer-reader meetings, panel discussions and a programme running under the name: Loose your book, that gained international success.

The Gyula Nagy Regional Museum of Orosháza presents the local traditions. During the past years the institution has gained national importance. Last but not least we have to mention József Darvas Memorial House, hosting the Literary Collection of Békés County. József Darvas was a Hungarian writer, politician and sociographer.