Summer season from 28 May 2022

The outdoor pools of the Parkfürdő and the Adventure Terrace will open on Saturday, May 28, 2022, which, according to a decade-long schedule, also marks the beginning of the summer season in Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő.

Our prices remain the same: we are awaiting you with 2021 prices in our 10-hectare park with 8 outdoor and 2 indoor pools, a giant slide and sports field. Of course, our Sauna park also continues to operate, so you can enjoy a sauna in our 10-cabin sauna park in the summer or take part in one of our weekend sauna sessions.

Gyopárosfürdő 2022 summer

Last year’s prices

We did not increase the price in 2022, so the single entrance to the Adventure Terrace, Park Bath and Spa will cost HUF 2,600 for adults, HUF 2,100 for students and pensioners, and HUF 1,500 for children aged 4-14. Admission is free for under 4 years. Admission to the Sauna Park is at an additional cost (an additional HUF 1,300 per person). You can find the complete price list of our spa (family tickets, season tickets, swimming tickets, etc.) here .

8 outdoor pools, 2,200 sqm water surface

In the swimming pool part of our spa, a deep-water, 50-meter sports pool awaits those wishing to swim and play sports, in the immediate vicinity of which we also find a 25-meter training pool.

A total of 3 additional pools and an outdoor giant slide await our dear guests on the terrace of our adventure pool. Our sliding pool also has a drift corridor, and there is also a relaxation pool and a shallow children’s pool. In addition, our 3 additional pools – a tower pool, an outdoor spa pool and a children’s pool next to the tower pool – are open.

Night bathing on Saturdays!

Night bathing is available on Saturday evenings, when the Aquapark‘s outdoor pools (Adventure Terrace) and Sauna Park are open until midnight (on some Saturdays additional pools can be open). In addition, you do not have to buy a separate evening ticket with your day ticket, you can enjoy the redeemed service until Saturday midnight (additional ticket to the Sauna Park is necessary).

Further options

Free outdoor sports courts are available at the spa. Boats and pedal boats can also be rented.

There are several restaurants and buffets available, so you won’t have to worry about food or drink. Massages and other wellness programs can also be booked.


For technical reasons, three of the four indoor pools in our aquapark (see 8-9, 11 on the map) remain closed in 2022. With the exception of these pools, all the services of our spa are available as shown on the map below.

Transport, parking in Orosháza and Gyopárosfürdő

From May 28, 2022, the small Dotto train will run again on weekends, with which we can comfortably travel between the center of Orosháza and Gyopárosfürdő: more information and schedule. The good news for those arriving by car is that parking is free almost everywhere in Orosháza, only in the immediate vicinity of the spa, you have to pay a parking fee for a small section – more information about parking.

Map of Gyopárosfürdő (valid from 28 May 2022)

Map of Gyopárosfürdő from 28 Mai 2022.


  • 1. Main entrance
  • 2. Children’s pool I. (OPEN)
  • 3. Children’s pool II. (OPEN)
  • 4. Tower pool (OPEN)
  • 5. Outdoor slide pool (OPEN)
  • 6. Outdoor hot tub (OPEN all year)
  • 7. Medicinal swimming pool (OPEN all year)
  • 8. Indoor column pool (temporarily closed)
  • 9. Indoor sitting pool (temporarily closed)
  • 10. Indoor children’s pool (OPEN all year)
  • 11. Indoor slide pool (temporarily closed)
  • 12. 50 meter sports pool (OPEN)
  • 13. Training pool (OPEN)
  • 14. Dining Center (OPEN)
  • 15. Lookout tower (can be visited on special request)
  • 16. Health Care Center (OPEN)
  • 17. Medicine Center (OPEN)
  • 18. Indoor thermal spa (OPEN all year)
  • 19. Boat rental (OPEN)
  • 20. Fehér Hattyú / White Swan Restaurant & Pension (OPEN)
  • 21. Corvus Hotel (OPEN)
  • 22. Napsugár / Sunlight Hotel (OPEN)
  • 23. Thermal Park Camping (OPEN)
  • P – paid parking with e-car charging (free parking 260 meters away)