Opening hours


5904 Gyopárosfürdő, Fasor street 3.
Phone number: +36-68/512-260

Our spa can be visited without any restriction for our foreign guests. You DO NOT NO NEED an immunization certificate or any other COVID-related document to enter our spa.


Our spa switched to autumn-winter operation in September 2021, so most of our outdoor services were shut down as planned. You can find more details here.

Curative treatments:

Park pools:
Closed until May 2022

Park cold water pools:
Closed until May 2022

Thermal pools:
Mon-Fri: 08:00-20:00*
Sat-Sun: 10:00-20:00*

Adventure pools outdoor:
The massage pool is open, all other pools are closed until May 2022

Adventure pools indoor:
Unfortunately 3 of the 4 indoor pools of the Adventure Bath remain closed in the autumn of 2021.

Mon-Fri: 12:00-20:00*
Sat: 10:00-24:00* (night bathing)
Sun: 10:00-20:00*

* the pools / sauna cabins close 30 minutes before closing!

Thermal Park Camping and wooden houses:
Closed until May 2022

Wald Chalet Camping:
Closed until May 2022

Out of service until spring 2022. Detailed schedule…

Opening hours of the spa, shops, offices, pubs and bars.

Gyopárosfürdő is open for visitors all year round, on each day of the year. What is more on Fridays and Saturdays the spa has extended opening hours, till midnight!

The opening hours of pubs and bars, shops is adjusted to the daily routine of a provincial time, rather than to the busy life of a big city. However, it is a fact that local residents do not go to bed with the sun.

Popular pubs and bars such as Bla-Bla, Koccintó, Annó stay open till the party lasts and there is a wide choice of parties that usually last till dawn. The closing time of pubs, coffee bars, restaurants and fast food restaurants is usually ten o’clock, but many places stay open till midnight or even longer at the week ends. There are non stop pubs and bars in the town, so no worry for the night owls – they can drop for a drink even in the early morning hours.

The opening hours of offices, shops and other servicing organizations can differ. The local shops of big chains close either at eight or ten o’clock, but there are night and day shops as well, which serve their customers continuously. Some shops close at midday for a lunch break, that is a one or two hours break.

The opening hours of banks, insurance companies and offices is similar all over the country, in this way clients are welcome during working hours.

The working hours of the local City Hall is as follows:

  • Mon: 8-12, closed in the afternoon
  • Tuesday: 8-12, 12:30-16
  • Wed: 8-12, closed in the afternoon
  • Thurs: 8-10, closed in the afternoon
  • Fri: 8-12, 12:30-16