Gyopárosfürdő autumn image movie (2018)

Gyopárosfürdő HD image movie (2017)

Gyopárosfürdő werk movie (2014)

Orosháza and Gyopárosfürdő as seen from a balloon (2014)

The “Beauty of the Bread-Festival” promotional video (2014)

The beauty content is part of the annual “Bread-Festival” on the 20th of august in Gyopárosfürdő.

Adventure park and the Alföld Gyöngye Hotel (2014)

This video shows the Alföld Gyöngye Hotel and the neighbouring Adventure park, which are situated 800 meters away from the Gyopárosfürdő spa.

Alföld Gyöngye Gyopárosfürdő from onyxskymovie on Vimeo.