Tourist train Dotto in year 2019

Important notice: the Gyopárosfürdő-Orosháza Dotto-train ran until November 3, 2019, then went on a winter break. The train service will start again in the spring of 2020.

Visitors can cover the distance of 4 km from Orosháza centre to Gyopárosfürdő using the scheduled Dotto minitrain-service part from using the public transport. The ticket is 350 Ft, for local residents only 250 Ft. The travel time is 30 minutes with the following stops:

Orosháza Main Square – Gyopárosfürdő
Orosháza főtér (departure) – Táncsics utca (5 min) – Árpád kert (10 min) – Rákóczi út (15 min) – Alföld Gyöngye Hotel (20 min) – Hotel Corvus Aqua and Napsugár Hotel (25 min) – Gyopárosfürdő Spa main entrance (30 min)

Gyopárosfürdő – Orosháza Main Square
Gyopárosfürdő Spa main entrance (departure) – Alföld Gyöngye Hotel (5 min) – Előd utca (25 min) – Orosháza főtér (30 min)